Truck and Bus Regulation Amendments Approved in 2014

This summary describes amendments to the flexibility options of the Truck and Bus Regulation that were approved by the Air Resources Board (ARB/Board) on April 25, 2014. Owners that do not report to use flexibility options must comply with the engine model year schedules of the regulation. Detail on how to report and take advantage of flexibility options is available at

Additional Time and a Lower Cost Pathway for Small Fleets

The Board approved amendments for small fleet owners that complied with the small fleet option for heavy trucks (with a GVWR more than 26,000 lbs) and had at least one PM filter by  January 1, 2014. Compliance for trucks already equipped with PM filters is being extended until 2023, and owners with two or three trucks will have two more years to upgrade the other heavy trucks in the fleet as shown on the table on the right.

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