Smartway Truck/Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

What trucks/trailers are part of the proposed regulation?

Currently the regulation only applies to box-type trailers that are 53 ft or longer and long haul tractors that haul the trailers. This equipment must be Smartway equipped.

If I am a short haul tractor that hauls a 53 ft (or longer) trailer am I included in this regulation?

No. If you annually travel less than 50,000 miles and operate within a 100 mile radius of your home base then you are exempt from having to retrofit your equipment with the Smartway technology.

Do I have to keep records and report to qualify for the short haul exemption?

Yes. Short haul tractor owners have to report the following:

  • Tractor ID (license plate/and or VIN)
  • Annual VMT of tractors (50,00 mile annual limit)
  • Geographic area (100 mile radius from base)

Does it only apply to California INTRASTATE carriers?

No. The regulation applies to California and out of state carriers who haul 53ft or longer trailers.

Does the regulation apply to warehouses?

Believe it or not, YES it applies to California based businesses that ship or receive freight in a 53 ft or longer box type trailers.

If I am an LTL carrier that uses a 53 ft trailer will my costumers be responsible and ultimately fined for not complying with this regulation if they receive freight from a non-Smartway equipped trailer?

Believe it or not..yes. IE: if you have 6 stops aka 6 customers, all 6 costumers that receive freight from a non Smartway equipped trailer are subject to the regulation.

What model year trucks/trailers are applicable to the regulation?

Beginning 1/1/2010 A 2011 model year tractor pulling a box type 53′ ft (or longer) trailer will be subject to the regulation. A sleeper cab that hauls a 53′ ft (or longer) box type trailer must be a “smartway certified” tractor. A day cab that hauls a 53″ ft (or longer) box type trailer must be equipped with smartway approved tires aka “low-rolling resistance tires.”

A pre-2011 model year tractor pulling a 53ft (or longer) box type trailer must have low rolling resistance tires.

What are the trailer requirements?

Beginning 1/1/2010 all 2011 model year trailers must be smartway equipped.

Does this include 53 ft refrigerated unit trailers and curtain side 53 ft trailers?

Yes. Refrigerated units must be retrofitted with “approved” Smartway technologies.

What are the requirements for existing 53 ft box van type trailers prior to 2011 model year trailers?

All 53 ft box-van type trailers (including dry-van, refrigerated and curtain side van) that are pre-2011 must be retrofitted with Smartway approved technologies by 1/1/2014.

Is there a phase in schedule to meet the compliance dates?

If you have more than 19 trailers you can follow this phase in schedule:

  • 20% by 1/1/2011
  • 40%by 1/1/2012
  • 65% by 1/1/2013
  • 100% by 1/1/2014

If you have less than 19 trailers you must have all of your trailers in compliance by 1/1/2014.

Will I be subject to a violation if my equipment is not maintained properly?

Yes. Your Smartway equipment must be maintained in “good operating condition.” If equipment is not in good operating condition you could be subject to a violation.

Who is responsible to this regulation?

Driver, owners of tractors and trailer, motor carriers, brokers, California based shippers and receivers.

What is the cost to install the Smartway equipment?

$7,000-$9,000. ARB believes that you will be paid back through your fuel savings after 2 years.

To review the pending regulatory language as well other information regarding this regulation click on the following link: