Training & Seminars

Are All Your Drivers Trained to the Standard Needed?

Service: Training and SeminarsIf not, rely on us to make sure your company and drivers are completely up to date on every state and federal transportation requirement.

We offer comprehensive training ranging from 2 hours, 5 hours, and 1-day classes depending on the subject, for all your management personnel and drivers.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping your entire fleet in compliance.

You need to always be on board with the latest state and federal transportation guidelines and the only way to guarantee your compliance is to keep your staff and drivers fully trained before they hit the road.

Our Training Seminars Cover

  • Hours of service rules and ELD/log book requirements
  • DOT “new entrant” compliance training
  • DOT-required supervisor’s drug and alcohol training; mandatory for driver supervisors
  • Hazardous material training for drivers, handlers, and admin staff
  • CHP “BIT” (Basic Inspection of Terminal) regulations
  • Vehicle CHP BIT 90-day and federal annual/periodic training
  • Forklift training

We cover all the bases so you can have the confidence that your team is qualified to work safely and effectively.

It’s stressful enough running your company without having to worry about your drivers being up to date on all state and federal DOT requirements.

Let us relieve that stress with the experience and know-how you need to make sure your fleet is ready to roll.

Bring us on for what we do well, then you can stay focused on what you do well.

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