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Are You Prepared for Your Next BIT Inspection?

Service: truck inspectionBIT stands for, “Basic Inspection of Terminals”. These inspections include a review of your records and documentation, and a vehicle inspection must have been completed within 90 days.

Remaining compliant with California law is complex and a full-time job, and you’re busy enough already with your full-time job running your company.

The BIT program is performance-based which means that if you have been passing inspections, you’ll have fewer of them. California Highway Patrol (CHP) BIT inspections are on-road performance-based and location-based (your terminal).

When they are on location they will look at your records and log files, and pick a sampling of your trucks based on the size of your fleet. So, all your records for all the rigs must be in order. With us as your partner, we bring peace of mind to your business since we help make sure everything is current and organized.

On-road inspections are managed by the commercial division of CHP and generally take place at weigh stations. For these inspections, all documentation with the driver must be in order. Because we train your team on what these inspections look like and what is required, they can face them with confidence.

We Make BIT Inspections Easier

As your partner, we are there for you through the entire complicated process of BIT inspection. We help with the initial stage of prepping you for the BIT inspection, making sure that all your records are in order. And we represent you during the actual inspection and afterward.

To make sure your trucks pass the 90 day inspections, we teach you how to do a full inspection and complete the documentation. With this experience, you will know that your trucks will pass inspection.

Want more details on the BIT program? Here’s a PDF from CHP about BIT.

We know that these types of inspections are stressful… we’re here to help.

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