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What Do We Offer?

With over 65 years combined experience in the Commercial Trucking Industry, we have worked both on the enforcement side and with the motor carriers helping them comply with both state & federal regulations. We know what state and federal officials are looking for and provide peace of mind and preparedness for the trucking industry.

When you partner with us, we put together a comprehensive plan and do regular audits, inspections, reviews, and training. This takes the headache and high cost out of trying to keep up with compliance and safety requirements.

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DOT & Safety Compliance
BIT Inspections & Audits
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Why Choose Commercial Truck Consulting?

Our highest specialty is California BIT regulations. We have trained the other companies that provide BIT services, so we know our stuff. With a combined experience of over 65 years, we have extensive & superior training through the California Highway Patrol. This means we understand what CHP and the Motor Carrier Specialists that run the BIT program are looking for.

When we train you, it doesn’t stop with teaching you how to do the paperwork. We get our hands dirty and teach you how to do your 90 day truck inspections.

Our expertise doesn’t stop with the BIT program. We have the experience, training, and heart to help you take your company to the next level through understanding the regulations and navigating them.