Cannabis Transport and Required Permits

Do you need a Motor Carrier Property Permit (MCP) to transport cannabis?

Cannabis Transport Regulations

  • Any person or business entity that is paid to transport property in their motor vehicle regardless of vehicle size, type, or weight. Entities that transport property for compensation are deemed a ‘For-Hire’ motor carrier. (Example: If you are a courier service and your vehicle is a motorcycle, you are required to have an MCP.)
  • Generally, any person or business entity operating a commercial vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more, either for commercial or private use, hauling their own goods or property. Entities operating such vehicles are deemed a ‘Private’ motor carrier.
  • Operators of any vehicle or a combination of vehicles transporting hazardous materials.
  • Operators of a combination of a motor truck and trailer, semitrailers, pole or pipe dollies, auxiliary dollies, and logging dollies, that exceeds forty feet in length when coupled together. For the purpose of an MCP, a “trailer” excludes camp trailers, utility trailers, and trailer coaches.
  • Operators of any motor vehicle or combination of motor vehicle and trailer for which the operation requires a commercial driver license, except vehicle combinations including camp trailers, utility trailers, and trailer coaches.

What is a MCP?

A Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) is a document issued by the DMV’s Registration Operations Division. The MCP is issued to the motor carrier as evidence the carrier has registered their CA# with the DMV, as required by CVC Section 34620. Additionally, the MCP verifies the motor carrier has met all statutory requirements to commercially operate motor vehicles on California’s highways.

The MCP contains information specific to the motor carrier (e.g., name, mailing address, CA#, and effective/expiration dates of the MCP). As it relates to cannabis, Motor Carrier Permits are required for distribution vehicles that transport goods for hire.

The MCP requirement depends on if you are a Private carrier or For-Hire carrier and the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of vehicles used to transport the cannabis.

  • Will you need a DOT number? Yes
  • Will you need a CA# issued by the California Highway Patrol? Yes

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