C.A.R.B Proposal for Measure to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The California Air Resources Board is currently developing a measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy-duty long-haul tractors and trailers.

The proposed measure specifically applies to tractors over 33,000 pounds gross vehicle weight that pull 53-foot box-type trailers and 53-foot box-type trailers used in long-haul transportation. This measure, which is based on the voluntary SmartWay(SM) Program developed by The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), aims to improve transportation efficiency by requiring technologies that reduce aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.

In addition to requirements applicable to truck operators, this measure will also require logistics companies to ensure that operators they contract use only compliant tractors and trailers within California.

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Find out more about USEPA’s SmartWay(SM) Program

C.A.R.B. does not hold authority to enforce (TRU) regulations.

The California Air Resources Board acknowledged that it does not have the authority to enforce its new transportation refrigeration units (reefer) regulations that would require all reefers operated in California to install emission control devices. Prior to enforcement of the reefer regulations, California must obtain a waiver issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). California applied for the waiver about 3 years ago but, so far, no word from EPA. The new regulations are scheduled to go into effect on 12/31/08. California has indicated that it will not enforce the regulations with out the required waiver issued by EPA