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Truck and Bus Regulation Amendments Approved in 2014

This summary describes amendments to the flexibility options of the Truck and Bus Regulation that were approved by the Air Resources Board (ARB/Board) on April 25, 2014. Owners that do not report to use flexibility options must comply with the [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:17-08:00May 13th, 2014|

Compliance Status of a TRU or Company That Owns TRUs

Under California law, the business entity that hires a carrier to transport perishable goods on California highways or railways must require the carriers they hire to only dispatch TRUs that comply with the in-use performance standards of California's TRU Regulation. [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00January 8th, 2013|

Facts About Low Rolling Resistance Tire Information

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas regulation to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced by certain heavy-duty tractor-trailers. Here's a PDF from the California Environmental Protection Agency that provides more detailed information. Low Rolling Resistance [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00September 28th, 2012|

Idling Law Update (With Printable Cab Card)

ATRI Updates Online Idling Regulations Compendium for 2012 2012 Idling laws in US (pdf) Printable Idling Law Cab Card (pdf) Here is a link to the Sacramento Bee which published a press release from PR Newswire on ATRI updates

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00January 19th, 2012|

CARB Deadlines – January 1, 2012

Important CARB Deadlines Approaching To comply with the Truck and Bus Rule, by 1/1/2012, you must either: 1. Meet the BACT schedule (all 1996-1999 trucks meet PM BACT) THE BACT SCHEDULE 2. The phase in schedule (30% of all trucks, [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00December 6th, 2011|

Ban on Hand Held Cell Phones

Announced & Effective November 23, 2011 WASHINGTON - U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Nov. 23 announced a final rule specifically prohibiting interstate truck and bus drivers from using hand-held cell phones while operating their vehicles. The joint rule from the [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00November 29th, 2011|

Upcoming California CARB Deadlines

Truck and Bus Rule - All retrofits purchased prior to 5/1/2011 must be installed by 10/1/2011 in order to qualify for the early retrofit credit. Truck and Bus Rule - In general, by 1/1/2012 fleets larger than 3 power units [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00September 6th, 2011|

Chain Law Starts Sept. 1 on Colorado’s I-70

Starting Sept. 1, all commercial vehicles traveling on I-70 in Colorado between milepost 133 (Edwards exit) and milepost 259 (Morrison exit) must carry sufficient chains to be in compliance with the Colorado chain law. The law requires commercial vehicles to [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00August 15th, 2011|

Truck Idling Law for California

Pursuant to state regulation, operators of diesel-fueled trucks, with a gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds, shall not idle for more than 5 minutes when stopped within California’s borders. Currently, there is an exemption for sleeper berth trucks, which [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:18-08:00July 20th, 2011|

Fleet Calculator

The California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) staff has posted the fleet calculator to assist fleet owners in evaluating various compliance strategies to comply with the Truck and Bus Rule. The compliance tool is an Excel spreadsheet that allows [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00February 1st, 2011|

Carry chains on I-70 in Colorado

Both the Colorado Motor Carriers Association and the Colorado Department of Transportation is reminding commercial vehicles that they must carry chains on I-70, about the first hundred miles west of the Denver metro area from Sept. 1 through May 31. [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00August 24th, 2010|

TWIC – Transportation Worker Identification Credential

Required for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of Maritime Transportation Security Administration regulated facilities (ports) and vessels. This means truck drivers working in and around ports. Go to http://twicinformation.tsa.dhs.gov for additional information.

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00August 1st, 2010|

TRUCRS Online Reporting System

TRUCRS online reporting systemis now available for fleets to submit their fleet information. This includes fleet information for the Truck and Bus Regulation and the Heavy Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Regulation. Fleets must report agricultural vehicle information by March 31, [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00March 24th, 2010|

CTA Members, New CARB website & fact sheet

The California Air Resources Board has created a new website that provides information regarding all on-road environmental rules affecting trucks, including tools for determining which regulations apply to your fleet. You can also find out what kind of funding may [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00January 20th, 2009|

FMCSA to Leave Hours-of-Service Rule Unchanged

Federal Register Notice to Set Effective Date of Jan. 19, 2009 The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in a notice to be published in Wednesday’s Federal Register, said it was making no changes to its controversial hours-of-service rule. FMCSA said [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00January 1st, 2009|

HOS rule again challenged by same groups

In a move that surprised no one, the same four groups that challenged the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours of service rules in the past have once again filed a petition for reconsideration with the Administrator of FMCSA. [...]

2015-05-19T14:36:19-08:00December 20th, 2008|
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